First Review 4.5/5

Brian Rademacher at  just posted his review of our debut album! 4.5 out of 5!

Read the whole review here:


“….These guys, for such young talent really explode and blow my mind. The opening track “It’s Not Love – It’s Not War” rips right off the bat. Great lyrics and moving guitar work by BT Valerie plus his vocals can reach the masses. VALERIE is a full-package band that brings sleaze and melodic rock to its knees. Track two, “Heat Of The Night”, is another killer track that has a gripping chorus and I love the change of direction in music, how the hell do these guys master songs when even veteran musicians lack that spark that VALERIE possesses ….”  

Valerie Debut Album out now!

We are proud to announce our new debut album “Valerie” – get it from!

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