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Another great review – 8.5/10

Great review from Germany! 8.5/10 stars – Thanks!  Read the review here:

Great review from Italy

Great Italian review from Flash Forward Magazine.
Read it here: 

REVIEW: 4/5 from NuRocks

Read it here (Review is written in Spanish)

HardRock Haven Review 8/10

Thanks to Mark Allen for this great review!

“Matter of fact, that is how the band advertises itself: “Valerie is 1987 in 2012.” It really cannot be said any better. This sounds like hair metal, looks like hair metal, and is possessed by the same pop-metal spirit that defined the burgeoning Sunset Strip scene back in the ‘80s. You can call this mousse abuse music if you want, but the word “abuse” really should not be applied to something that sounds this good.”

” Drop the top in your cherry-red convertible, pick up a bikini-clad hot chick to ride shotgun, race down the highway at speeds that qualify you for the pole position in the Indianapolis 500, and let the wind whip through your hair while Valerie provide the perfect summertime cruising soundtrack.


Heavy Paradise interview with BT

 is a young and fresh kick-ass hard rock band that came to rock this scene with its debut release!! From AOR to hard rock with some really catchy choruses and a serious attitude Valerie is a must check for every AOR/Hard Rock fan out there. BT Valerie (lead vocals/guitars) talked toHeavy Paradise about the band’s debut album, his influences and some other interesting stuff. ”

Read the whole interview here: