BT Valerie – Guitars /Lead vox
Erlend Omdal – Drums/Vox
Augustus W.Clark – Bass/Vox
Magnus Christiansen -Guitars/Vox

Valerie, Norway’s finest new hard rock outfit, “sounds like hair metal, looks like hair metal, and is possessed by the same pop-metal spirit that defined the burgeoning Sunset Strip scene back in the ‘80s” (Hard Rock Haven)

Valerie are known for their big sing-along choruses, blistering guitar work and hooks, Valerie is often compared to infamous 80s rock bands like Ratt and Dokken, or even Danger Danger. It’s melodic, catchy, in-your-face hard rock. Valerie is 1987 in 2014.

In June 2011 they released their first 2-track demo (Taste the bullet, Love is like a heart attack) and both songs reached the number one spot on www.urø (A national site for underground music owned and promoted by the national state television channel NRK).

Brian Rademacher from said the following in his review of this demo :

For a young band like VALERIE to show talent like a seasoned veteran group; from the soaring guitar work by BT Valerie (not to mention his vocals) to the uplifting midsection of bassist Augustus Clark and drummer Erlend Omdal and rhythm guitar Magnus Christiansen. These guys have the sound of staying power and these two tracks just blew me away. Both songs are killer and I can’t wait for more to come from them “

The band performed at the legendary Norwegian club “Elm Street” in Oslo with W.A.S (Chris Holmes) in 2011, and has since performed alongside bands such as TNT, Turbonegro, Chris Slade (AC/DC), Kerri Kelli (Alice Cooper), and Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow, Deep Purple, Malmsteen)


In June 2012, Valerie released their critically acclaimed s/t debut album through Hellish Records, in Norway. The album truly showcase Valerie’s distinct, but diverse sound. From aor driven pop-melodies like When two hearts collide and Love is like a heart attack to fist-pumping hard rock anthems such as Tear down the walls and It’s not love – It’s not war, the record is full-out 35.minutes of catchy melodic hard rock.