More Reviews! “These guys already have a sound to die for.”

1. Here’s a review from Glam Junkie’s Sleaze Ball (Australia):

“…Fast forward a year and the arrival of Valerie’s debut self-titled album has delivered a melodic hard rock gem that should make fans of the genre sit up and take notice. Fronted by an ever charismatic BT Valerie, the band have pieced together a sensational album…”

“…Valerie aren’t looking to re-write the rule books of rock’n’roll, but they are serving up a wild dose of young love, summertime, …. and delivering it superbly. If this is only the beginning, one can only wonder what these guys will be serving up in the coming years!…”

2. Very cool review from Roxx Zone (Italy):
Alice Ottolini rates the album 7/10 !